Sandrine’s first book, The Vampire, will be available in January 2015.

Synopsis of The Vampire by the author…

An impulsive desire  to travel to New Orleans, before circumstances would force him to join the ranks of the unemployed,  was a plan that greatly appealed to Jason Sterling.

The city he envisioned could offer more than enough to satisfy his interests:  locations connected with his passion for movies; his involvement in paranormal investigations;  an interest in southern culture, history and traditions.  And as a member of the goth community, New Orleans promised him a darkly romantic, deliciously mysterious and charming ambiance.

Soon after his arrival he has an unusual  encounter with an alluring young man who offers an employment opportunity that may be too good to be true.  Under less than full disclosure, he  finally does accept and enters a charmed realm that offers material comfort,  personal freedom, and exotic travel.

Strange events begin to suggest that all is not as it seems. Those things which cannot rationalized Jason  dismisses or  ignores.  But when a  dramatic  event propels  him toward acknowledgement of facts he can barely begin to accept he  misinterprets the consequences and he loses everything.

He struggles to recover what he has lost, even as he questions  whether the tantalizing perks and rewards  of a life that means  a gradual surrender of his autonomy,  challenges to his  values and  integrity, even the risk of death to himself  and anyone he knows, are worth the cost.  As intriguing and amazing as his involvement with Laurent Augere is, Jason now comes to know that the comfortable life he has been living comes with a dark side:  an underlying constant fear, betrayals and harm, obsession and dark passion, secrets and mysteries.

As he tries to regain some emotional equilibrium  he questions who really is in control of his fate: was he truly free to choose his path or had it been chosen for him?   Could he still walk away if he chose to, as conscience and common sense dictate, or is he already held beyond escape by the seduction of a being more powerful and extraordinary than other humans will  ever encounter.