From the author:

The Vampire may not appeal to everyone nor is it intended to.  Many readers of the vampire themed genre may be looking for something else and the author knows and accepts that perhaps only 100 or so readers will take this journey.

If you are one of those 100 or so let the author know in a comment via this webpage.

Those few of us may gather in the glow of an autumn bonfire, sipping wine, or cider or Earl Grey and share our thoughts on the book and its inhabitants, if only in the cyber realm, for now.

The book was never intended to be a series. Five years ago the vampire and those who know him began to share his story with me and I simply kept writing. I had no idea how voluminous the book had become and was dismayed to have to chop it into separate volumes to make it “ more marketable.”   For those of you who wish to continue with the story, there are two other volumes completed and a fourth is coming together.

To those of you who may enjoy learning Augere’s story- ~ welcome.

I will share author’s notes from time to time, and more often if there is sufficient interest and reader questions.

There is a link on this webpage that will take you to chapter one.