I would like to invite readers of Books One and Two to participate in a voluntary project in Book 3.

A character in Book 3 has invited people from around the world to send in their accounts of paranormal/ supernatural or just very weird experiences. She is especially interested in alleged “vampire” sightings/encounters.  (Suppose you met Augere but didn’t know what he was, for example:  what were your reactions, what did you feel, hear, see, what scents, what emotions…etc. )

Those of you who are interested in participating would have a brief entry included in the book (subject to some editing perhaps if you want to write one yourself, or one could be written for you.  Your first name, and last initial, a date of your choice if any (such as a birthday/ anniversary but you can change the actual year) and your actual location or any location in the world you choose.

Brief excerpts/ examples:   “I felt compelled by him; as if he weakened my will, as if he somehow had control over me and I remember I began to feel faint; the entire brief encounter was very disturbing.”

“He held my gaze and my full attention and yet all the while I kept thinking I needed to get away from him…”

And the encounter could be ANYTHING strange, weird, unnatural…

“A friend and I were crossing a busy street against the traffic late at night in the pouring rain. We had been drinking at several bars and we were laughing like mad, and I remember the cool night air and the rain taking away some of the buzz, and I know we weren’t that drunk. As we crossed to the other side of the street we ducked into a dark doorway, set back a ways, just to get out of the rain for a while. But as we entered the doorway—we compared notes later—we both saw these red eyes, at eye level, staring back at us. You could barely make out the dark outline of a figure–you couldn’t tell if it was man or woman, or human! We were both freaked out and sensed danger if not evil there and we ran for several blocks until we came to a pub that was open and ran inside, cold, wet and shaking. We still talk about that night and still wonder what the hell it was we saw.”

Cynthia R.  and Jasmine M.  March 15, 2007, Savannah, GA, historic district

If you are interested send your info to slcader@aol.com  by the end of November.


Book 3 is coming along nicely!